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In this guide you'll find all the essentials to consider before you submit your work to publications. You will learn how to identify which publication is right for you and your work, style and brand. We'll also review what visual components you need to include and how to ensure they are presented in the best way. 

This guide identifies a checklist of the most important images to create the most impactful gallery. What editors are looking for is often much different than what you think! So many submissions are stopped in their tracks because the pitch is missing important elements – don't let your submission go this way too!

In this guide I'll be giving you a handy fill-in-the-blank email template, and an example of how to use it. This is designed as a mix of all of the best pitch emails I received in my years working for The Knot.

Submission Pitch + Email Template


We are so excited to help you grow your business! We ask that if you love this template as much as we do and find yourself singing its praises to your friends and colleagues, that you not share it with them. Please spread the word and help support small businesses. Guide them to our shop so they can purchase one for themselves!

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Alix Kramer photography, photographer

"The publication submission guidelines and email template changed my business! I don't have time to spend emailing editors and this made it so easy for me to establish relationships with the editors and get my work featured in their magazines!"

" Sarah's guide was the best investment I made for my business."


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