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After years spent working at iconic brands like The Knot and InStyle magazine allowed me to gain unparalleled industry knowledge, invaluable resources, and some seriously strong connections.

 My extensive expertise and far-reaching network—coupled with my knack for knowing what works when it comes to driving your audience to action—allows me to curate a compelling brand image on your behalf.

 Simply put: I know what looks good, which professionals are best for your project, how to craft a cohesive online presence and—most importantly—how to ensure your brand tells a story that has staying power.

You have big dreams for your brand. And I have everything you need to bring them to fruition. 

You have big dreams for your brand. And I have everything you need to bring them to fruition. 


We’ll dive deep into who you are as a brand and your goals for the future in order to craft a strategic road-map that gets you well on your way to that destination you’ve been dreaming of. 

Brand identity development


Ready for some serious eye candy? I’ll work with my designers to develop a cohesive aesthetic and stunning logo to tell your brand’s visual story in a way that resonates with your audience. 

Brand Logo + Design


Social media strategies, content calendars, and metrics—oh my! Diving into the world of all-things digital can be overwhelming. Designed for those who know where they want to be but have no idea where to start, this comprehensive service will help you increase engagement and drive traffic to your site through curated visuals, content planning and more. 

social media management &
digital strategy


Starting a website from scratch is no joke. I’ll use my expertise to develop your site map and curate effective images that support your calls-to-action. From there, it’s time to call in the ultimate dream-team. My team of designers and copywriters will seamlessly bring your vision to stunning on-screen life.  

website design + strategy


If you’re seeking a portfolio of on-brand images you can easily pull from for use across digital and print, or have a specific need for editorial or commercial content, this one's for you. Effective for everyone—but especially ideal for those in the fashion, lifestyle, or wedding industries. 

photoshoot + content production


With rare experience as both an editor and a photographer, I know what looks great, which publications are right for your brand, and how to ensure your submission gets picked up. Think of it as a peek behind that ever-elusive curtain—and the best business investment you’ve ever made. 

image curation + submission reviews

How I can help

Whether I’m working with pros in the hospitality and wedding industry or collaborating with fashion photographers and like-minded creatives, my work comes down to one thing: I help brands make their story stunning and—let’s be real—increase revenue (cha-ching).

In a world where we’re swimming in an ocean of constant content, my team and I deliver solutions to help your brand break through the surface with serious style. My experience, expertise, and connections (in front of and behind the scenes) make me uniquely qualified to help elevate your brand far above the competition via a smart, strategic, and on-brand visual strategy.

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Engaging your audience starts with a plan.
That’s where I come in.

Are you an Entrepreneur, lifestyle brand or wedding vendor?

Are you a Hotel or Venue?

Do you need me?

Are you a Photographer?

Do you need help producing a photoshoot or editorial that takes your brand to the next level?

Together we can work to choose the best publications fit for your work, curate images for submissions, pitch to editors & get your work published!

I can oversee your project from start to finish and produce a shoot that elevates your brand and tells a cohesive story. 

Are you looking to get published 
in a premier publication and don't know where to start?

Do you need help choosing images for your social media or your website?

Great! I'll help you select and curate all imagery for your website/social media that's on brand and books your dream clients.

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Do you need help with content creation, photo shoot production or art direction for a styled editorial, marketing or advertising campaign?

Do you need someone who can help you assess your business' branding and help you with marketing?

Great, lets discuss how you can hire me to handle the production, logistics and creative direction

Do you need help creating a customized strategy for your website or social media that matches your brand voice? 

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I'll help you strategize, select and curate all imagery for your website/social media that's on brand and books your dream clients. I'll also work with your copyrighters, website & graphic designers to see your brand voice through.

 Do you need help establishing your brand presence and social media strategy?

Do you want to increase your social media following and drive more traffic to your website?

I can provide feedback and together we can come up with a digital marketing strategy to get you more clients and stand out in saturated market

Do you need someone to help with social media curation or organizing instagram grid?

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