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After working as a photo editor at The Knot for 5 years, I am excited to share some details from an editor's perspective with you. I'm not exaggerating when I say I reviewed submissions and pitch emails and galleries every single day! After 5 years, I could tell with one glance if a gallery was right or wrong for our publication.

I want to give you all this juicy insider info so you can create the perfect submission, both from the first glance and once an editor dives in! 

Resources for wedding industry professionals that want to get their work noticed.

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Alix Kramer photography, photographer

"The publication submission guidelines and email template changed my business! I don't have time to spend emailing editors and this made it so easy for me to establish relationships with the editors and get my work featured in their magazines!"

"Sarah's guide was the best investment I made for my business."

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