Our Wedding Week: Capri Lemon Luncheon

After an incredible evening on a fireworks-filled boat night, we let our guests sleep in. Guests enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then met us outside the hotel to walk down to the beaches of Positano. This time we boarded a speed boat to Capri!

Boat to Capri

The boat we traveled on to Capri was named Princess Positano! This seemed perfect and serendipitous after the Pink Moon boat ride complete with a crown haha! We had a great time seeing the coast in daylight! This trip was Nick’s first time to the Amalfi Coast. We wanted to make sure that Nick saw all the sites the Amalfi Coast has to offer.

When we arrived in Capri, the first thing we did was hit the island for shopping! My favorite store on the island is called Eco Capri. I visit whenever I make it to Italy! Nick and I went immediately to pick a pocket square for the wedding. The owner was there and remembered me from a few years ago because of our conversations about style and art! Together we found the perfect accessories for Nick’s day of wedding look.

Da Paulino Restaurant

After shopping, we headed over to a private lunch at Da Paulino Restaurant. Lemons are synonymous with the Amalfi Coast and we knew we had to incorporate lemons into a theme during the wedding week. Da Paolina is a famous restaurant on Capri that is actually a lemon grove, the ideal location! The restaurant is typically only open for dinner but made an exception to host a fabulous brunch for us!

Capri Lemon Luncheon Design

My wedding planner, Callista and Co., and I started designing as soon as the contract was signed with the restaurant. Callista loved the idea of adding pink to our yellow and blue color palette and I think It turned out spectacular! We centered the design around Amalfi Coast essentials like lemons, ceramics, and Capri-specific textiles. I have always loved this pattern by Dolce and Gabbana so we made sure to infuse it into our design. We incorporated Lemon Cocktails, Lemon Ravioli, Lemon Desserts, and calligraphed ceramic lemons for place cards. Cecile’s Paper Co. dreamed up the menu design that coordinated perfectly with our vision.

View more behind-the-scenes and design elements in-depth, go to “Capri” highlight stories on my Instagram.

Nick and I worked with Pascal’s Ceramics to create beautiful custom chargers for our wedding. On our venue site tours, we dropped in to say hello and pick up a few more items. At the last minute, we decided to change all of our plates for the luncheon! Pascal suggested we use plates from a local Italian source than from a rental company. This way we could also keep the plates and have them in our new home! We chose bright yellow ceramic dinner plates and different patterned plates that would go perfectly with the yellow striped linens from Heather Taylor Home.

Malafronte Florals and their team did an incredible job turning our space into a lemon grove paradise! Their team brought in bougainvillea trees to line the tablescape. This helped create parallels to the hot pink flowers on the table. Malafronte installed floral arrangements around the bar and cocktail area which helped the whole space feel unique to our luncheon!

Capri Fashion

Gabrielle saw our mood board inspiration for the event and had the perfect dress in mind for Capri. This lemon Dolce and Gabbana gown seems like it was made just for me! The dress paired perfectly with matching Dolce and Gabbana lemon earrings! Bella Rosa Collection created custom clutches for all of my wedding week attire. The raffia clutch kept the look feeling fresh and casual. Gabrielle paired the dress with these adorable gold Jimmy Choo flats to complete the look. See how our design and fashion came together symbiotically below!

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Positano, Italy from the water
Nick and Sarah sitting on the Princess Positano boat.
Couple kissing on a boat in the Mediterranean
Ristorante da Paolino sign
Ristorante da Paolino seating with lemons hanging.
Capri Lemon Luncheon table with flowers
Capri Luncheon table with flowers at Da Paulino Restaurant.
Capri Luncheon place settings at Da Paulino Restaurant.
Capri Luncheon place setting at Da Paulino Restaurant.
Sarah Kay Love in the Dolce&Gabbana Piastrelle Gown
People sitting down for the Capri Lemon Luncheon at Da Paulino Restaurant
Two girls laughing at a Capri Lemon Luncheon at Da Paulino Restaurant
People toasting at a Capri Luncheon at Da Paulino Restaurant.
Candid shots during a Luncheon at Da Paulino Restaurant.
Couple kissing at Da Paulino Restaurant under the lemon trees.


Photography: Rebecca Yale

Planner: Callista and Co.

Menus: Cecile’s Paper Co.

Florist: Malafronte Florals

Styling: Gabrielle Hurwitz

Dress: Dolce and Gabbana

Earrings: Dolce and Gabbana

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Dress: Dolce and Gabbana // Earrings: Dolce and Gabbana // Shoes: Jimmy Choo

xo, Sarah