Love List: Work From Home Style

I love, love, love the glamorous part of my job that brings me to Summits and on-set for photoshoots, the majority of my job as a creative consultant has brought me to an even more exotic location… my home office! I’ve loved working from home since I left my job as photo editor for the Knot. Now with most of you hitting the seventh month mark of work from home, I thought there was no better time to share my WFH faves!

Some of these are old faves and many of them I’ve picked up in the last months of quarantine and cannot get enough of. 

My favorite way to wake up is wearing matching PJs with my sweet pup, Mia. I already think she’s the cutest thing in the world, and these olympics pajamas from Nordstrom make my heart truly explode! 

On days when I just can’t muster up the ____ to shower, I give my hair a good spray of dry shampoo [need aff link]. I’m obsessed with this Moroccanoil dry shampoo because it never leaves a residue and smells so good! On mornings that I shower, my absolute favorite thing to do as soon as I dry off is slip on my fuzzy pink slippers. They feel like all-day hugs for my feet. And thanks to #zoomlife, no one can tell I’m wearing them. 

I try to take my vitamins first thing in the morning so I never forget – I’m a vitamin junkie! I recently fell in love with these Neocell vitamins, which support healthy hair and nails but more importantly are chewy and absolutely delicious. 

After a large cup (or two) of iced tea, I head to my home office, light the best-smelling candle of all time, and turn on my beauty light. The lighting in my home office isn’t always the best because of where the window is, so I love having an extra source of light. It helps me look extra professional on zoom calls and makes me look prettier, which I can’t complain about! It’s super affordable, and a must-have for anyone who works in a home office. 

Another must-have for working in front of your computer all day is blue light glasses. I know I can’t be the only one who sits down in front of my desktop at 9AM and then looks at the clock to see that it’s already 5PM and I’ve gone the whole day staring at a screen! These are also super affordable, and help take the strain of staring at a computer all day off your eyes. Plus they are super stylish! 

One of the best things about WFH is not having to worry about coordinating a full outfit. I like to pick some key “zoom friendly” (read: above the waist) accessories to make it look like I’ve put a lot of thought and effort into my outfit. I’ve talked about these gorgeous coin necklaces before, but they are literally my favorite accessory. I can wear them with almost anything and they give such a sleek, elevated look. The same goes for these simple but timeless gold hoops. Wearing a necklace and earrings and a red or pink lip really gives the impression that you’ve put a lot of thought into your WFH look, even if you’re secretly wearing PJ bottoms.  

Two other essentials I keep at my desk are my favorite notebook and a stylish scrunchie. I am a very visual learner, so you can always find me jotting down notes and to-do lists in my notebook. My favorite thing is being able to cross items off that list! While I love being able to have face-to-face virtual conversations with clients still, it’s a pain to not be able to get up from my desk if I need something. That’s why I always have a cute scrunchie on hand so I can tie up my hair without pausing the call to run to the bathroom and search for a hair tie. 

WFH days are long, and can be just as draining, if not more, than working in an office. That’s why at the end of each day I like to throw on a nourishing daily beauty mask and cuddle with Mia under my weighted blanket. I was interested in weighted blankets from the beginning, but was having trouble finding one that would match the decor in my bedroom. As soon as I saw this knitted weighted blanket from Bearaby I bought it, and haven’t looked back! 

With no end to WFH in sight, I hope these work from home favorites of mine can become favorites of yours too. 

xo, Sarah